Saturday, December 11, 2010

Blind Hope By Kim Meeder and Laurie Sacher

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I couldn't wait to receive Blind Hope so I could slip into the world of animal rescue and those who were blessed by the experience. I was not disappointed by the rescue story. I cringed at the conditions in which this dog was living, as well as the initial outcome of the vet consultation.

I cheered as this precious dog began to trust its owner and I enjoyed hearing about her learning curve in responding to her master's voice. I was educated on a dog needing insulin vaccines (I had never heard of that before).

My favorite chapter was The Closet starting on page 157. I very much relate to a dying dog and the grief associated with your beloved dog's suffering as I have laid to rest my own precious 19-year + seven-month-old Karamel a few years back. That chapter was written so well and I felt like I was right there with Laurie. I cheered after as that story was the culmination of hope for the entire book.

Being a Bible-quoting Christian I appreciated the use of Scripture laced throughout the book. I would however, have liked to see the Scripture references placed right alongside the Scripture instead of being footnoted in a notes section in the back. Just my preference, but it did seem odd that the references would be separately annotated. Kudos, however, to Ms. Meeder for including Scripture throughout as well as including the Salvation Message in the Epilogue.

After reading the Epilogue I realized the relationship between Kim and Laurie was friends above all other connections. I would have liked to have read that before reading the book, as I was reading that 'Mama K' was not just a mentor or mother figure, but a sounding board, a boss, a work-out partner and a sister in Christ. Above all, I read at the end that Kim was a friend. That made sense after reading the Epilogue.

Knowing Kim Meeder is the author and established writer, I understood the story being told in Kim's voice. However, at times I would have liked to hear more about particular situations in Laurie's voice or point of view not just merely told from Kim's perspective of what Laurie is experiencing. For example, many instances of learning how Laurie struggled and how she related her struggles to Mia's (her dog's) perspective allowed me as the reader to relate and to allow God in to address my own issues whether pride, fear, materialism, fake living, etc. I related.

Many examples of particular situations in which Laurie struggled were given but if there were less broad examples were given and more personal detail-oriented situations were given, I believe more situations may have "stuck" with me  (i.e., like the closet situation, where Laurie actually curled up in the closet next to Mia in a physical act of love and how she cried and grieved that night and was exhausted the next day). I would have better been able to connect with Laurie's struggles though still told through Kim's "voice."

Blind Hope was a wonderfully inspiring story of hope, love of God and love of His creatures as well as a story of true friendship and sisterhood. I wish I had a friend like Kim or Laurie! Having a friend to walk through life's struggles is a true blessing. And having a dog like Mia is a blessing only God could provide!

Thank you Kim Meeder for giving this reader Blind Hope - a story about an unwanted dog & the woman she rescued and so much more....

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