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Book Review: Storm Warning by Billy Graham

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5.0 out of 5 stars Storm Warning by Billy Graham, May 21, 2010
This book is about the spiritual, actual and economic storms described in the Book of Revelations. Billy Graham is famous for his ability to evangelize, and this book was on point with his love for God's Word. However, I read this book with an objective point of view - trying to forget I was hearing directly from Billy Graham. This read is chock-full of Scripture and invitations to salvation. The target audience is believer, unbeliever as well as the scoffer who disagrees that our world is in the midst of a storm as described in Matthew 24:4.

Storm Warning is a revised, updated, reprinted version Mr. Graham had originally written in 1992. He shared in this book that after the events of 9/11 and the political, social, environment we are now in had confirmed the need to revise his original work so it would be relative for today.

I gleaned much knowledge in regard to the history of the Roman Empire and Caesar's command that the people idolize him. The study of Revelations 2 & 3 in which John sends the alerts to the seven churches and then the second warning of the seven seals of the scroll being opened was truly illuminating. I appreciate the fact that Mr. Graham included the present age also in the study of Revelations, as John wrote these letters for the church today, as well, to warn of the coming storms.

I had always created an image in my mind of John sitting around cracking open coconuts and watching his beard grow while on the Island of Patmos. The Truth of the Bible is very different than that image. John was actually in prison. The only time he most likely had to write was while he was locked in his prison cell. In the hot sun he was forced to carry gravel chipped from granite cliffs above the sea. He brought the heavy loads to a cargo dock which was at the Roman Citadel. This material was used to  build the foundations for the temples and palaces of the Emperor Domitian and to pave the Roman roads (all roads lead to Rome). Interesting!

Mr. Graham makes mention of his crusades often, but for the most part there is a valuable lesson in the stories he weaves. One criticism I had is that there are frequent references made to various statistics in which there are no footnotes given for the reader to research.  A Berean at heart, I did not feel the author was accommodating in that there was merely a section titled "Works Cited" at the end of the book. I also did not agree with his Population Explosion Theory.

Lastly, I did not get a keen sense of whether Mr. Graham believes in Pre-Tribulation or Post-Tribulation Rapture of the Saints. I would have liked more information about both as the Tribulation references could be quite scary and depressing for someone not informed of the Rapture of the Saints. This comment is strictly personal as I am a Pre-Tribulation believer and would have found it interesting to have paired that theology with the Apocalypse references.

I would undoubtedly recommend Storm Warning to everyone! I also want that blessing that comes from reading the book of Revelations. So I plan on grabbing my Bible now after finishing this review. Billy Graham has gotten this individual inspired!!!

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  1. "storm warning" is a very hard to put down book by billy graham. it has all new material and it has been updated and it is a very remarkable bestseller. so many questians people have today and reverend graham gives alot of awnsers in this exellent read espically whean we have so many tough awnsers that we cant find. this would make a wonderful gift for someone special

  2. Yes Amen! Thank you so very much for your comment. This book would be a wonderful gift to give...
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