Monday, June 28, 2010

FITNESS: DVD "Walk Away The Pounds Ultimate Collection" by Leslie Sansone

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Living in steamy South Florida one can understand seeking an indoor workout solution in the summer. I found  Leslie Sansone's "Walk Away the Pounds Ultimate Collection" DVD to be an excellent tool to get in shape and lose weight. This truly is an Ultimate Collection.

Besides filling the bill of being "an indoor workout solution" this DVD is a deal at $9.99. I avoid the monthly gym membership fee by being creative in my fitness routine.  However, I have wasted money in the past purchasing DVDs even after reading great reviews. Sadly, those exercise faux pas collect dust or end up in the Goodwill donation bag. I think we can all relate to this disappointment.

This collection gives you 4 choices: 1 Mile Get Up & Get Started, 2 Mile Brisk Walk, 3 Mile Advanced Walk, 4 Mile Super Challenge.  I walked all four episodes and my favorite is the 3 mile walk. This is my fav because Leslie uses the purple resistance band (comes with your DVD). I like the variety of walking (side to side, shimmying forward, leg lifts, leg kicks, and arm raises). If I feel particularly challenged after walking 3 miles while still walking I fast forward to the 4 mile walk (skipping the warmup) and then just keep going til I decide to stop.

All exercise DVDs I have used have had one thing in common. Maybe you can relate. The person leading the workout starts to irritate me about the 3rd or 4th time I watch the DVD. Maybe you can relate to this? Sometimes the reason simply is too much of the person and not enough focus on the actual exercise. Basically, the big personality steals the show.

 Leslie has the opposite effect on me, personally. She is an encouragement in that she allows me to feel that I am just not viewing the DVD, but I am a part of her group getting in shape, enjoying the camaraderie of the girls (oh sorry there is one guy in the group). I wear an Ipod shuffle now cause how many times can you listen to her repeat what she says? When I do decide to listen in I smile because she is so uplifting, and humble in that she is coming alongside her walkers and relating to them. She shares that she agrees we all may eat too much but it isn't the food that is causing us to gain weight (then she adds - well - maybe it is) but then goes on to inject us with some reminders to hydrate and turn on the DVD whenever we want to feel better about ourselves. 

And I love this! She reminds us that the walking does work and not to give up. And none of this talk is patronizing or infomercial-oriented. She is the girl next-door - someone that would teach a women's bible study in her home and meet you for tea just because you needed a friend in your hour of need.

Call me crazy but the only flaw in this DVD is that I may just wear it out from playing it too much! Save your money and skip each individual DVD workout she has out there up until the Ultimate Collection. Toss that membership discount and free trial ad that arrives in your mailbox every month. We all know that costs more than we need to spend these days. This exercise method works and is enjoyable to watch.

Go grab your sneakers, turn down the air, work up a sweat and.....Walk Away the Pounds! You knew I had to give this product one last plug. I know Leslie would thank me for my kind review. I can hear her girlie girl giggle - the same one I hear everyday for 3 miles ...but whose counting....just counting the pounds that walk away each day.

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