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Book Sneeze Review: The Prophecy Answer Book by Dr. David Jeremiah

5 of 5 Stars Awarded
This book targeted the current events leading up to The Rapture, The Tribulation, The Antichrist, Second Coming, Millenium and The New Heaven and Earth. Clearly this book was written as a reference mainly for the believer in Christ (Romans 10:9-11). I say this because it was direct in it's focus. The tone was less about teaching and more about stating Truth. There was a section or two appealing to those who have not yet made a decision for Christ which was refreshing and hopefully many will make that decision prior to The Rapture of the Church!

The Pre-Tribulation Theory was discussed solely. Since I personally fall into the Pre-Trib crowd I was quite pleased with this discussion. Post-Tribulation Theory was not mentioned as far as I can recall. I also appreciated the explanation of the difference between Postmillennialism vs. Amillennialism and Premellennialism as explained on pages 170 &171.

After the initial surprise of ripping open the mailer and finding this petite hardback book (I wrongly assumed the book to be a "standard" size chock full of pages), I was quite impressed with this invaluable resource. I refer to it as a resource because of the order and inclusion of Scripture cross-referenced throughout its covers. I fully understand now thanks to this book what the Second Coming of Christ is going to be as well as the Rapture of the Church. Sometimes the order of these last day events can be confusing but Mr. Jeremiah gives a concise yet easy-to-understand explanation of the events. He also provides the order the events will occur as well as the historical and biblical accounts of the Jewish people as fore-told and prophesied in the Bible in the Old Testament. Fascinating to learn more about the Old Testament and what was not included directly about these events.

On page 153 the author included a table titled Rapture/Second Coming Contrasts. This table is quite helpful for the believer especially! In the chapter The New Heaven and The New Earth I especially enjoyed reading about what we will do in Heaven (page 177). Of course this book contained meaty Truths from the Bible which were often hard to swallow but I did take away hope at the end of the book and direction for living victoriously in these evil days. Mr. Jeremiah explained with supporting Scripture references why true Christians do not have to fear death. And hope again in the fact that he gives us 10 things to do as we see the signs of the End Times.

The very last item on his list is Reach The Lost (Jude 21-23 - love it!!!). Oh how I enjoy the last word in a book about Jesus coming back. The last word in this book is Revelation 22:20 which is indeed the last book in the Bible. For that and each and every word in this mini-marvel of a book I give Mr. Jeremiah five stars and a hearty thank you for informing the Body of Christ and speaking on a very hard topic. The Prophecy Answer Book should be in every Christian's personal library for two reasons. One, so they can devour it and refer to it often. Second, because their loved ones may very well find it in their bookcase one day - - after their loved ones have been Raptured. What a gift this book is that no doubt will keep giving for many generations to come...

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