Thursday, November 18, 2010

Book Sneeze Review: A Time To Embrace By Karen Kingsbury

As usual, Karen Kingsbury blessed me with this amazingly surprising story of forgiveness, laughter tears and human frailty all rolled into one.

Without being a spoiler, I was surprised by one topic discussed in particular. I do not recall this particular sin being mentioned as included in the story line. However, the discussion of this struggle was introduced in a subtle way as if the author had woven it into the story without making it the book's focus. I will not soon forget the discussion and the subtle way this sin creeps into many lives and stays. I cheered as this character overcame it and sought to help others with the help he had been given.

Basically, as in all of the novels I have read by Ms. Kingsbury I was welcomed into the family. I enjoyed a front row seat in witnessing the character's ups and downs, their successes and failures as well as their quirky personalities playing games and being silly as well as being quirky being serious!

Midway through this adventure, I put the book face down and asked the question Why would this book need an independent review? Obviously, A Time To Embrace like all Ms. Kingsbury's books would no doubt be a huge success. The author beloved by many - - so why a review? Why not? Thomas Nelson provided. I'll review! I picked up the book and disappeared once more into the story.

I consider this book a blessing to receive and review - not more of a blessing than other titles I have reviewed but this title being sent for review is a gift from the author. I will pass this book on to another enthusiastic Kingsbury fan and pray he/she will also be touched by the love, joy and Holy Spirit-inspired writing that resides in each page of this work.

The families in the storyline love God, love each other and exemplify the Americans in this country that love sports, family and forgiveness. It is an inspiring book with a message that all need to hear. Kudos to Ms. Kingsbury - - even though she never did need to hear this 5-star review from me!
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