Monday, March 14, 2011

Turn Your Business Card into Business by Reno Lovison

This business book of big business card ideas began with the author's first run at entrepreneurship. In the Preface Mr. Reno Lovison described his childhood profit-making Kool-Aid stand. He was merely a post kindergartner, a pre-first grader! I found his account to be not only humorous, endearing but inspiring as well.

His personal sharing was truly a celebration of the capitalistic society that we enjoy in America. Capitalism does work and kudos to Mr. Lovison for taking the time to nail this fact in place from the very start of the book.

Page Three hit me hard, "First of all it is very helpful if you understand how marketing is different than advertising. The main thing to remember is that advertising is a part of marketing." As I continued reading I realized a very important fact that I had never understood. In understanding the interplay, one can effectively incorporate their business card as a mega money saving tool to not only get business but save $$ (advertising is expensive!).

A challenge using an impressive formula was to give out 1,000 business cards per year which broken down amounts to 21 cards per week. The author shared the idea of putting the cards in a business card folder each week and by the following Monday all the cards should be gone. Repeat.

Good ideas came in two's, three's and four's. I loved the fishbowl ideas. How many of us haven't seen that big old fish bowl sitting on the table at boat shows, corporate seminars, home shows, etc.? In Turn Your Business Card into Business the author shared ideas I had never seen before. Great ideas!

You must check out the Wingman Strategy on page 23! Here are five ideas of how to get your business card to travel far and wide with little effort on your part: 1. Include your business card in the envelope with your bills 2. Leave under a tip when you dine 3. Wherever you vacation, leave your card wherever and whenever you can 4. Throw your cards in the air every time you sell a car (if you are a car salesman) - have to read the book 5. Any service occasion such as a wedding photographer - place your business cards on the table and as guests arrive they will not only know who you are, but can pick up your card on the way out.

I enjoyed reading Turn Your Business Card into Business. I gleaned so much from the author's instruction on communication, planting seeds that will grow, image development, increasing word-of-mouth business and so much more. The author's encouraging writing style was inspiring and friendly.

I learned much and will put into practice all the tips, tricks and good practices....starting Monday. There will be no time to waste as I have 21 business cards to hand out. It will be easy though because handing out business cards does not have to be intimidating, aggressive or awkward. It is easy when you realize planting seeds is the key. One day at a time. One business card at a time leads to one new customer. Before you know it, your seeds will bring forth a fruitful business endeavor.

Buy this book today - before buying new business cards!

Visit the author's website to buy this book and for more helpful hints on business card success.

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