Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Samaritan's Purse Presents Three Hearts

A joyfest from start to finish! Billy Graham's granddaughter Cissie Graham Lynch was co-host with another woman. Together they led the charge to bring two boys from Mongolia to America for heart surgery (and to share Jesus Christ.) However, both ladies in the spirit of "ask and you shall receive" asked for a third child to have the blessing of having her broken heart healed.

The third child was clearly my favorite! She was a little girl with a huge amount of energy. My favorite scene in the DVD was when she saw running water for the first time. She stood on a little child's stool and just kept splashing water on her face over and over. I will never forget seeing the joy on her face. Childlike innocence is something we all need more of and so to take that in was beyond words!

I was informed that these three mothers according to Buddhist culture, were generally an unemotional group. That was the case when the film first showed the family in Mongolia when they were picking up the children to bring them to America. However, when everyone returned to Mongolia, emotions flew off the screen and could have hit me smack in the face. What changed was not only the physically healed hearts, but the hearts and souls of the mothers and two sons. They accepted Jesus as a result of living with the host families and seeing the host families living their lives for Jesus. I truly did applaud as Jesus was shared not only in Word but in deed as well. That leading by examples speaks volumes and all five of the Mongolians got it. They were not forced into leaving their Buddhist idols and culture, but clearly the Holy Spirit pulled all of their heart strings. A lovefest!

Interesting scenes were Mongolian bowling, Buddhist idols (in what looked like a dollhouse.) Also all the mothers felt their children were "glowing"and happy just before going into surgery. I smiled because I wondered if they realized part of that happiness may have been the anesthesia. But God used a donkey, so we know the peace they had in their children being happy before surgery may have helped them to trust God and the people surrounding them. The Mongolians went to America because they had nowhere else to turn. In the end, their children were healed and they returned to their native land with a newfound faith.

Criticisms I had which were minor. I am not particularly fond of subtitles. I know there was a need for subtitles throughout this film, but I would have appreciated the scenes shot in Mongolia to be a bit slower. I say this because I was intriqued by the culture and the surroundings and I found myself a bit frustrated trying to read all the subtitles and see the people and the background. Being a perfectionist at heart, I could not help but notice there was a fly on the camera lense in the lawnmoving scene. I know that is really being picky, but I was watching the film on my back patio and I started to get up to swat my flat screen (smile.) God's humor is always unexpected!

I cannot speak highly enough about Three Hearts! I have so many friends I plan on lending this annointed surprise. The joy I experienced was inexplicable. Three Hearts is a treasure!

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