Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Thyroxal K-12 By Apex Energetics from

This year my doctor advised blood testing and adrenal testing (a saliva test) as well as food allergy testing. I receivved the news that I was allergic to gluten and soy as well as tapioca (which is the main flour substitute in all gluten free breads and products ie. Mellow Mushroom pizza). I also was told I had Hypothyroidism. 

Relieved was I on my initial diagnosis to find out that I did not have to go the Armor Thyroid route or other! My doctor advised 2 capsules of Thyroxal K-12 every meal (along with Digestive Enzymes). Since there are 90 capsules in each bottle I would need 9 per day. Do the math = cha ching!

I bought the first 2 bottles from my doctor that day and then at my next appointment I planned on stocking up again as I had a monthly appointment. Imagine my disappointment when I was told that they were out of stock and I would have to wait 5-7 business days to receive them! And on top of this - I would need to come back to the office to pick them up (which is 30 minutes in traffic from my house).

Needless to say, obediently I waited. The next month the same sad excuse and inconvenience. I waited the second time a lot longer than 5-7 business days. And my hair started falling out! Yes it did. 

Shame on me if made the same mistake again. I searched and found PTL! I called because the website said I needed to call the first time for a consultation. I spoke with a friendly person who was kind and who explained to me a lot about the availability of these supplements. Never again would I run out and she shared that this item could be shipped to my front door - with free shipping nevertheless!

I have since combined this supplement with my other supplements in one convenient autoship from Wonderfully convenient and less $!

Thyroxal K-12 does have a Blend of: 38.5 mg of Betaine HCI but as I already mentioned, my doctor advised I needed to take 2 of Digestzymes by Designs For Health with every meal along with the Thyroxal.

Also appreciated is that this item is gluten and soy free. It is bovine and does not have Vitamin E Alpha Tocopherol (which my body does not tolerate).

I have lost 20 lbs. since taking Thyroxal. This combined with managing my now known food allergies allows me to  feel better. My hair is no longer brittle or falling out. I did not need to go on a medication and I am glad I did not take a prescription before going to my doctor. He told me that we would not have been able to treat my Hypothyroidism with Thyroxal if I had taken Thyroid Armor or similar drug prior to coming to him for treatment.

If you are struggling with Hypothyroidism symptoms, do not suffer like I did. If you do not have your own doctor who specializes in Thyroid Disease like I did, please reach out to Dr. Dan! You can Ask Dr. Dan about this product today

We are on the cusp of a New Year! Start 2016 with good health and a knowledge of how to feel better! I am glad I did and I am doubly glad is  helping me save on my supplements!

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