Monday, February 15, 2016 GlutenFlam by Apex Energetics

I am allergic to gluten. Not sensitive. Allergic. I asked my doctor what I can do when I eat out and worry about eating a salad which has come in contact with gluten (yes, that is all I feel safe eating out these days). He told me about GlutenFlam by Apex Energetics. I keep this amazing product in my purse, have a bottle in the car and I also keep a bottle at home.

I am supposed to take 1 before a meal if I feel I may be contaminated and then if I know I have been contaminated to take two after the contamination event. Being new to this gluten allergy existence, I made the mistake of eating out 3 times in restaurants which claimed to offer a "gluten free choice". I ate french fries at Chick Fil A because I was told they were gluten free. Within moments I felt that tingly feeling which led to a racing heart and then that scary feeling like my body is a bit detached from my brain. If you are allergic to gluten you understand this strange and uncomfortable feeling. I did not have the GlutenFlam with me. Big mistake.

I ate a "gluten free" lunch at Ruby Tuesday and upon walking back to the car Bam! that tingly feeling and then the strange sick feeling which I had experienced at Chik Fil A. I did not have GlutenFlam with me that day either. Big mistake.

Fool me once. Fool me twice. But three times? Yeah. I  had one last experience on vacation. I had spinach and eggs with onions. Obviously it was prepared on a cook top which had gluten because I suffered again. I now know my body and I respect and trust how it feels!

The problem in all 3 of these scenarios is that I caused my body to have 6 months of gluten in my system. If I  had the GlutenFlam with me I would have done my body good by being preventive. I would still have to pay for price of cross contamination but it would have been wise to take the GlutenFlam and I would not have felt sick immediately after or the next day.

Unfortunately, the world we live in does not understand gluten free at all. A restaurant cannot have gluten free food unless the entire restaurant purges every bit of gluten in it and has not prepared gluten on a cook top or pan - ever.

My local pizzeria proudly advertises "Gluten Free Pepperoni Pizza" and yet cooks the pizza in the same pizza oven, next to the man throwing the gluten flour in the air and cuts the "gluten free" pizza with the same pizza cutter as the gluten pizza. This is so unfair to those of us who become very sick when exposed to gluten. I believe our country should be better at regulating the restaurant industry as this is a gross misrepresentation of a very serious allergy. It hurts those of us who cannot tolerate gluten in any form.

I know gluten has been a trend but it is time we educate others. One person at a time needs to know that this allergy is the same as a nut or shrimp allergy. It is that serious. I try and not get frustrated when others minimize my plight. "Oh just eat some bread! Just this one time. Is it really that serious?!" Walk a day in my shoes....

I highly recommend GlutenFlam as essential for every person who suffers from gluten allergy. I do take one GlutenFlam when I am feeling run down or have become slightly constipated. The stool does change to a lighter clay color and is a bit softer y (tmi). I feel better instantly. Doing this for my body reminds me of my month gluten detox my doctor advised. I now know that this clay colored looser stool from my gluten detox is what I need to achieve every once in a while to stay healthy, GlutenFlam helps me to do maintenance in an easy and pleasant way. I feel so much better afterward as I know my body had been holding some gluten or remnants of gluten or other foods I am allergic to.

I consider this product as not only prevention but maintenance. I will live a much healthier life because of it. It is necessary to my health and well being. I am grateful for my doctor for telling me about it. And I am appreciative of as it is just a few mouse clicks away and ships it to you free 

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