Thursday, May 27, 2010

Alfalfa Sprout Water: Sprout Garden & Dr. Pitcairn = Healthy Kidney & Liver

This review is targeted first to benefit cat's health, then how alfalfa sprouts help humans.

I was excited about possibly gardening at home. I stumbled upon I called the number on the website, drilled the poor customer service lady and gleaned alot of information. I decided to purchase Sprout Garden. After I stole it out of the box, eager to get started, my first attempt to sprout I realized I was confused. I had to call the customer service number as the photocopied directions were different than the booklet's directions with regard to how many seeds to put in each container. I was on a mission to make this right the very first time and did get clarity from the friendly voice at the home of the Sprout Garden.

I sprouted 3 layers of alfalfa sprouts in 5 days. Success! Next I decided to make red lentil sprouts. Success in 2 days! I had so many sprouts I could only give so many away. I decided to feed them to my cats but realized I must research alfalfa and it's effect on cats as I have heard conflicting information on the benefits of alfalfa and cats.

Remembering I had purchased Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats (love it!) I again read through each chapter to hear his thoughts on alfafa and cats. Sure enough, on page 117 he shares, "Alfalfa is an excellent tonic that stimulates digestion and appetite. It helps animals gain weight and improves physical and mental vigor. Alfalfa is best used for animals that are underweight, nervous, or high-strung. It can also help those with muscle or joint pains or animals with urinary problems-especially where there is crystal formation and bladder irritation..." Ding Ding Ding the bells go off in my head as this information is exactly what I am searching for to remedy my kitty Vidalia's crystals naturally!!!

I place my faith in our vet Dr. Martin as she is an outstanding integrative vet, however, I decided to skip this month's visit with her (she travels from Alabama to Boca Raton, FL once a month and accepts office visits for two days). My kitty Vidalia has been battling numerous health issues, but this recurring crystal formation has baffled me for months. She is incontinent and antibiotics have not helped, Solid Gold Berry Balance has not done the trick (yet!) and so stumbling upon alfalfa and that which I had sprouted in abundance was answered prayer! I made the decision to give a last ditch attempt with diet rather than admit defeat and bring her for an office visit.

Here's what I did: Page 117 explains how to make "alfalfa water". I was guided to the method of cold extraction on page 438. This all sounds so complex but it's not. I put 2 heaping tablespoons sprouted alfalfa (that I had made myself in my Sprout Garden) and poured in a cup of cold purified water. I set the glass jar on the counter for 12 hours. After 12 hours, I strain the alfalfa out (you can eat it after it sits in the water - I waste nothing) then I fill a rubber syringe and let it sit til room temperature and I carefully insert it in Vidalia's mouth. I do this three times a day. I am also adding it to her wet food (which is a raw diet which Dr. Pitcairn has recommended for her condition - it is in the book). In the three days since I have started this "Alfalfa Regime" Vidalia has been using her litter box faithfully. She is also sleeping soundly  and snoring like an old man so these changes suppor the fact that something is indeed going well ;)

There is a really good fasting program in Dr. Pitcairn's book that I am having success with my kitties. Who knew kitties would scarf down tofu?! The fasting program begins on page 272 in Chapter 15 which is "How To Care For a Sick Animal". My alpha kitty Angelina however, wants very little to do with the fasting diet, so I am giving her the alfalfa water three times a day with the raw diet she had been eating. At least she will also enjoy a bit of a flush with the water.

And then an unexpected blessing!! I poured some of the alfalfa water into my glass and took a sip by accident (I thought it was Kombucha tea)...and then got to thinking about humans and alfalfa... It wasn't bad at all! In fact, it was quite pleasant and easy to swallow.

Since I promote a Mediterranean diet for myself and my husband, I appreciated what I learned on a website about alfalfa being an anti-inflammatory. The helpful website is Alfalfa and alfalfa water will fit in nicely with our menus as my "waste nothing" mentality kicks in - you can extract the alfalfa using the cold method as Dr. Pitcairn shares on page 117 and then shake the water off and eat in your salad. I intend to incorporate alfalfa water in moderation for our entire family - four legged and two as well.

I plan on making my organically-inspired friends "alfalfa water" and to sprout often!

I do give Sprout Garden and Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats five stars - for without this pairing I would not have found this healthy solution for both man and beast...

Please contact me at for questions you may have regarding either sprouting or fasting your cats. I am not a doctor and am not qualified to give medical advice, but I am able and willing to share what I have learned and to share my honest review with regard to these products.

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